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In this blog, let’s talk about 8 VALUABLE THINGS ABOUT HARMONICA which will help you improve your harmonica skills as a harmonica player.

1. Harmonica Extinction

Harmonica, an instrument that is becoming extinct in India. No one wants to play it, no one wants to learn it. Yeah, it is hard to learn but not difficult.

In a survey conducted by “World Harmonica”., just 2 Indians figured out how to be in the rundown of top 200 harmonica players. All over India only 2?

This is a bad time for harmonica players in India and if you are having a desire to play the harmonica no matter what, no matter what the situation is. Believe me, friends your thinking is very great. So now you all have to decide whether to chill and relax or get a harmonica and get your name enrolled in Top harmonica players in India and read all the 8 VALUABLE THINGS ABOUT HARMONICA.


2. Harmonica Benefits

You may have seen a lot of instruments in your entire life but harmonica is a very different and unique instrument.

  1. Size – As compared to other instruments harmonica is one of the smallest instrument. Since it is small it is difficult to learn also but being small it can easily fit in your pocket. You can carry it anytime, anywhere, wherever you want. You don’t need any other appliances for playing it you can play it anywhere, that’s a speciality.
  2. The melody secret – Harmonica is having unique characteristics that are it is having reeds fit inside it and as much as you play it the reeds become more flexible and the harmonica sounds like heaven. Now, this depends upon you that how much time you give to your harmonica.
  3. Play harmonica, live a healthy life – In an article published by TOI, it is written that playing the harmonica gives you a healthy life and also resolve your cardiac diseases. Yes, it is true because when you play the harmonica you do two things ( Blow and Suck). Now doing this your breathing process improves which in result increases your lungs capacity and oxygen storage capacity.

So, if you have not yet started to play the harmonica grab a one, play it and live a healthy life!!

3. Types Of Harmonica

So basically for beginners only remember that there are 3 types of harmonica ( Diatonic, Tremolo and Chromatic)

  1. Diatonic Harmonica– This is the smallest harmonica in all types and it specifies that you’ll get only pure notes ( Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni )
  2. Tremolo Harmonica– For understanding tremolo harmonica you have to first understand that in music there are three octaves ( Lower Octave, Middle Octave and Upper Octave ). You’ll learn a lot of things in this 8 VALUABLE THINGS ABOUT HARMONICA. In this  tremolo harmonica you’ll get all the three octaves and also the pure notes mentioned in diatonic harmonica.
  3. Chromatic Harmonica– This harmonica fulfils all the conditions mentioned in diatonic and tremolo harmonica. The one x-factor that is different in chromatic harmonica is that it contains a Live/Slider. This Liver/ Slider gives you the two notes that diatonic and chromatic harmonica cannot fulfil. The two notes are ( Flat notes and Sharp notes ). By pressing the slider, the notes become flat or sharp. So, according to me, I recommend you all to buy a chromatic harmonica as it fulfils all the conditions that are required in learning songs.

4. Patience 

Now when you’ll buy a harmonica it is not like that you’ll learn to play within a few days or months. Any new thing that you learn new requires time, so do harmonica.

When you plant a sapling you can’t say that within one day it will give fruits. After a year a branch emerges from that tiny sapling, during this one year you pour so much water and fertilizers to the sapling then the outcome is a single branch. In learning harmonica, water and fertilizers are practice and patience.

So keep patience, practice a lot. If you are tired keep the harmonica aside for sometimes. Practice the same line for 5 to 10 days, keep patience and don’t give up

5. Subconscious Mind And Harmonica

Before you learn to play the harmonica you must play it through your subconscious mind. Means while playing don’t look at the windows and play, play by understanding the notes, try to understand how the notes are, how they sound. Make yourself so comfortable with this tiny mouth organ that you get used to it. 

When you practice something daily it becomes a part of your life, like driving, whenever you drive a bike or car you don’t need to think about where and when to drive you just drive. That’s it, you should be so expert in playing harmonica that if someone wakes you up and tell you to play any song you must be able to play that song within a fraction of seconds.

Also when you breathe you don’t need to say that “Oxygen In, Carbon- dioxide Out”, you just breathe the same way you do when you drive. So, give your time to harmonica so that the pattern of notes get fit in your

6. How To Play (The Genuine Way)

I have seen a lot of people teaching harmonica, but no one gives birth to creativity. People play the harmonica from window to window that is a hole to hole. What’s the use of teaching like that? The student will never know how the harmonica is played.

There are many different ways of playing the harmonica but I prefer that harmonica should be played by understanding the notes. When anyone plays any note from harmonica you should be able to specify, which note it was. This is the real technique, this is the technique which all Masters and Big Musicians uses also remember this 8 VALUABLE THINGS ABOUT HARMONICA.

This technique takes time because it is hard to identify 24 different notations but not difficult. If you give your heart to harmonica, it will be played from your heart

7. Mentality Of Humans

This is for those parents and children who are going to any music class for learning any instrument. You should know whether your child is loving that instrument or just playing forcefully.

Childrens never learn anything if they are forced to learn anything if your child is willing to play any instrument then only join him/her a music class. Music is God’s gift to humans so don’t waste your money and make your child a robot. If he/ she is interested in dancing send them to dance class, if they are interested in playing football join them a club. Sending them to different classes will not help you at all.

One more thing harmonica is not any degree or course. So play it only if you are attached to it. Make yourself comfortable with it. Take care of it. Pray for it. If you respect harmonica, harmonica will respect you.

8. The Secret

This is the last thing you all future harmonica players must know if you are thinking of pursuing a career in the field of music. You all must take these precautions because if you not it may harm you in future.

Singers, be aware because when you play the harmonica you inhale and exhale and at that time you inhale the bacterias from your surrounding in your mouth and also exhale the bacterias from your mouth in your surrounding and read all 8 VALUABLE THINGS ABOUT HARMONICA . To avoid this gargle your mouth with hot water and keep your teeth clean before playing the harmonica.

Playing the harmonica can make singers lose their melody so I recommend singers to take the above-mentioned precautions

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