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Started To Play The Harmonica?
Don’t Know How To Hold It?
In this blog, let us talk about the 8 WAYS TO HOLD THE HARMONICA which in turn is important for beginners and also for intermediate players.
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Harmonica are instruments of such dynamic music art in many countries. Many songs can be played on mouth organ. Anyone can buy one and play it, although there are only a few mouth organist who take years to sharpen their mouth organ. The first step they do is, they hold their mouth organ in correct way. If you follow the 8 WAYS TO HOLD THE HARMONICA you can play the notes in the correct way to be a better mouth organist.

1. spot the harmonica between your forefinger and thumb

Always make sure that the liver/slider of the mouth organ is towards your right side because the notes always start from the left end and ends at the right end, then take your thumb and forefinger of the left hand and make a “U” shape of it.

Then shift the left end of the mouth organ inside your purlicue ( the skin between your forefinger and thumb ). If the notes are not engraved on the mouth organ, blow in the mouth organ to find which is the lower note. This is only for those who have diatonic or small mouth organ.

This way can be used only if you are your fingers are small because your lips will only touch your mouth organ not the fingers. Now those who have big fingers or have chromatic or large harmonicas the next point is for you all.

2. Keep the hand 45 degrees cross to the harmonica

If your harmonica is chromatic or large keep your left hand 45 degrees cross to the mouth organ. This makes your hand to move freely over the harmonica also your lips will not touch your fingers. 

To play harmonica play from your mouth make sure your harmonica is half exposed and half in your mouth. Keep your forefinger and index finger back as I said at 45 degrees so you don’t experience difficulty associating with the instrument.

3. Cup your right hand at the right side of harmonica

While holding your harmonica, place your right hand at the right side (slider/live side) of the harmonica. Make sure that your pinky finger,ring finger and  middle finger are on the roof of the harmonica. More secrets are going to reveal in this blog of 8 WAYS TO HOLD THE HARMONICA.

Now touch the slider/live with your index finger and thumb should be opposite to the harmonica side, this will make you play your harmonica very comfortably.

4. move the harmonica with the help of your hands

Most of the people while playing harmonica  move their head to play it. NO GUYS.. this is the wrong way. You should always move your harmonica to change notes.

Take the help of both of your hands for playing harmonica. First this takes time, but when you use your hands simultaneously for changing notes you’ll get a habit of it.

5. Sit straight while playing harmonica

When people usually play harmonica they sit as per their comfort zone. I f you really want to play harmonica get out of your comfort zone. This will not only improve your harmonica skills but also make you a better player by making your spinal cord straight .

What happens when you don’t sit straight while playing harmonica? Read further the 8 WAYS TO HOLD THE HARMONICA to know the answer.

  • When you bend and play harmonica the saliva from your mouth might enter the harmonica which may not sound good also the saliva may stick in the reed holes which will block the holes and your harmonica will not be played how much pressure you may apply.

6. keep your hands close to your body

Play the harmonica with your hands completely shut to make low, bass-weighty notes. The more tight your hands are, the more bass-like the note will sound.

When playing, make a point to hold your correct elbow flush against your side. This will help forestall arm, shoulder, and neck strain, just as give you more noteworthy power over your hand methods and read the 8 WAYS TO HOLD THE HARMONICA.

7. keep space between the hands

Never keep your hands pack. Always make sure that there is plenty space between your both hands. If you will not keep space your harmonica’s voice will be pressed.

Make sure that your hands are strong enough to hold the weight of different harmonicas. Once you get used to playing different types of harmonica you can play as much songs as you want in various styles.

8. Open and close a part of your hand to make wah wahs

To make the exemplary chattering sound harmonicas are known for, move your correct hand to make a little entry where air can get away. At the point when you quickly open and close this entry, you will make wah sounds. A few territories to open your hand include :

– Behind the harmonica, done by somewhat bending your correct hand.

– On top of the harmonica, done by broadening the fingers on your correct hand.

– Beneath the harmonica, done by reaching as far down as possible your correct wrist.

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